Life seeks expression and so is art. The artist never seeks art. It is rather the art that seeks expression through the artist. In a way we are fortunate because a whole world of unexpected, unexplored dimensions are seeking through us. And in another way we are unfortunate too because there are only a few among the whole who did believe us, although we dared to  explore the kingdom within.

I remembered the words of my great master Dr. Mohammed Jafar from the Sharjah Art Institute who looked at my first painting and said this, " You have painted a horse which looks exactly like a horse. A soft smile across his face he uttered further. You see  Kala, if you want to paint a horse in an exact manner it is called photography. But if you want to be artist you have to be crazy and musical with horses and everything. You just have to be different than what others see of the horse". That moment i woke up as an artist and i am utterly grateful to him till this very moment.

My mentor made me believe that the world we see is only the tip of the ice berg, though the reality is absolutely the hidden ice berg seen by the artist. True indeed as Picasso said" Art is a lie that makes us see the truth". What we consciously want to express is one thing but what unconsciously wants to be seen is another thing. If it's a rose that wants to seek you, no matter how hard you try, the sunflowers that you chose will still express itself as roses. In that essence art is more powerful than "i am" because it lets me see who i am rather than the illusion of who i am.  And you know what is my favourite quote!

"Always listen to the experts,
they will tell you what cannot be done,
then go ahead and do it"  

Dedication to my mentor Doctor Mohammed Jafar
Sharjah Art Institute